Iretza Sagardotegia (cider house)  it´s an innovative new concept of a typical cider house. Founded in 2008 honouring our most classic-iconic drink, CIDER.

Two top references from the cider world in Gipuzkoa started this new adventure Etxeberria (Astigarraga) and R. Zabala (Aduna), joining their knowledge and experience to provide the best service and show the world a bit of our basque roots and culture, every single day.

Iretza, is composed by three floors with a capacity for 470 guests, all sitted down in different ambiences.

Kupeltoki, the main dinning area, with barrels to enjoy the cider directly from them.

Sagasti, smaller but cozy, perfect space for family and business meetings, friends parties, with its private TXOTX (cider directly from the barrel).

Ganbara, the lightest one, ideal for weddings or celebrations.

Iretza offers three different dinning rooms-spaces with different ambiences holding a capacity of up to 470 guests.

Kupeltoki, the main room, Sagasti, the smallest but the coziest, Ganbara, the brightest one.

Ganbara, the brightest one. ideal for enjoying a cozy, relaxing space with free Wi-Fi.

At Ganbara, you enjoy a drink, go for a chat, meet your people or just chill-out.

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Let us know which table style would you aim, and we will do our best to satisfy you.