Our menu

Besides our cider house menu, we do have a superb grill to cook delicious grilled meats or fresh fish as well as our large variety of wines and different ciders

From Monday through Friday, we offer “special menus” for lunch and dinner.


Cod Omelette
Fried cod with peppers
Veal chop steak
Local cheese, nuts and quinze
Cider as TXOTX style or by bottle

PRICE: 43€/VAT included




Mixed salad 7,70€
Warm cod salad 14,20€
Warm cheese and nuts salad 13,00€
FIsh soup 14,20€
Stuffed red peppers 10,30€
Iberic Jam 7,70€
Salted mixed vegetables 11,20€
Grilled prawns 8,20€
Girrled octopus 7,20€
Micuit Foie 7,20€
Asparagus´ into two sauces 17,30€
Mixed salad 12,80€
Warm cod salad 17,80€
Warm cheese and nuts salad 13,00€
FIsh soup 9,50€
Main dishes


Cod in sauce 13,20€
Grilled cod 13,30€
Grilled rape (local fish) 19,90€
Grilled hake 14,40€
Grilled hake´s neck 19,20€
Grilled ribs 11,70€
Grilled veal sirloin 12,70€
Grilled veal chop ( kg. ) 10,80€
Stingray with its black sauce 19,90€
Crab cooked in the over 19,90€
Pig´s stuffed 35,90€
Bull´s tail in wine´s sauce 35,90€
Grilled lamb 15,70€





Flan with ice cream 5,50€
Giant glass stuffed with nuts, and ice cream topped with Grand Manier 5,20€
Rice wuth milk 5,40€
Chocolate souffle 5,40€
Whisky cake (frozen) 5,40€
Apple pie 5,40€
Cheese cake 5,40€
Lemon or cava sorbert 5,90€
Chocolate glazé with nuts 5,60€
Cheese, njts and quinze 3,70€
Mamía (basque traditional dessert) 4,50€