Our facilities

Iretza offers three different dinning rooms for up to 470 guests, where you can find and discover cozy, charming areas.

Kupeltoki, the main dinning area, with barrels to enjoy the cider directly from them.

Sagasti, smaller but cozy, perfect space for family and business meetings, friends parties, with its private TXOTX (cider directly from the barrel).

Ganbara, the lightest one, ideal for weddings or celebrations.

Other than that, 14 barrels to enjoy your meal inside them. Unique experience

An unfforgetable experience.

Reserve your barrel now!!


Ganbara, on the third floor of Iretza Sagardotegia, a place with free Wi-Fi and a perfect space to enjoy your after meal time.

This season you too can enjoy this spacious, calm and charming space with your people, friends.

At Ganbara you can enjoy a tranquil drink, have a chat, play cards or meet with your people. During the weekends, if you would like more ambience, come over to Ganbara to try our different original menus, pintxos, subways. paired with the best cider and service offered by Iretza employees.

A space with free Wi-Fi and natural light coming from the outside and a wide glass window with views, perfect place to enjoy a relaxed moment inside an Oak barrel.

At Ganbara we organize meetings, business events, lunches, different parties, weddings, and all  kind of activities. Visit and enjoy our Ganbara.